Product Line

Product Line
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The following table gives you a good idea of some of our product line.  Please contact us with any questions or product requirements you might have.  Thank You.



Acoustic Insulations

Lead Composite Insulation
Lead Foam
Lead Fiberglass
Quilted Lead Fiberglass
Coast Guard Fiberglass

Vinyl Composite Insulation
Vinyl Foam
Others on Request

Noise Barriers

Carpet Underlayment
Standard Carpet Underlayment
Premium Carpet Underlayment
Closed Cell Products
Ebo Floor- for use under vinyl or tile floors.

Mass Loaded Acoustic Vinyl
Tuff Mass
Reinforced Acoustic Vinyl
Soundwrap- machinery and wet exhaust wrap.
Hanging acoustic Curtains
Acoustic Lead


Sound Absorption
Materials (No Barrier)
Foams with Mylar Face
Quilted Fiberglass
Coast Guard Fiberglass
LCF Polyimide Acoustic Foam
Head and Hull Liners
Hanging Absorption Blankets
Vibration Absorbing Panels

Exhaust Silencers

Custom Exhaust Silencers
Soundown Waterdrop Silencers
Soundown Waterdrop Axial Silencers

Related Items
Total System Design
Fiberglass Exhaust Piping-by the foot or 10’ lengths
Wet and Dry Exhaust Wraps


Vibration Damping Materials

Extensional Damping (free layer application)
Damping Tiles- 1/16" 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 5/8"
Damping Tile Epoxy

Constrained Layer Materials (sandwich application)
Wood Damping Interlayer
Metal Damping Interlayer
Fiberglass Damping Interlayer
DGA-2 Liquid Damping Adhesive


Vibration Isolation Systems

Vibration Isolation Mounting Systems
Rubber Design Products
Propulsion- Thrust/ No Thrust Isolation Systems
Ring Bushing Machinery Mounts
Generator Set Mounts
Auxiliary Equipment Isolation

Sylomer Vibration Isolation Pads
Floated Interiors- Flooring and Siding Isolation
Machinery Isolation
Pipe Run Isolation

Vent Duct Silencers
Flexible Acoustic Ducting
Custom Fabricated Vent Ducts

Support Supplies
Gasketing- Neoprene gaskets available in many profiles.
Perforated Aluminum Sheets
Edging Tape
Installation Adhesives
Installation Hanging Pins