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Marine Page
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This link brings you to several common boat types and effective noise solutions for each.  These plans break down the most common causes of noise and provide cost effective ways to reduce and eliminate uneccessary noise.  Click the link "marine page" above to see the top of this page or chose your basic boat type below. 

Sportfishing Craft

    Aft Cabin Trawler

   Sailing Vessels     


Soundproofing in Commercial Vessels
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Marine engine noise should not be considered as solely a background disturbance that creates difficulty in radio or person to person communication What must be realized is that exposure to high levels of noise energy for a period of time will have physical impact. Short term effects may be characterized by ear or head aches, premature fatigue and high stress levels. With long term exposure, as would be expected, hearing loss becomes a factor.

On vessels with the pilot house directly over an uninsulated engine compartment....................Click the link above for more information.


Motorhome/ RV/ Bus Conversion
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      Over the past few decades, Soundown has had much success curing the noise broblems of motorhome and bus conversion enthusiasts.  If you don't enjoy the sound of your generator running during the night, or are bothered by road noise when traveling, then click on the link "Motorhome/ RV" above.  Soundown can possibly provide you with a solution.
-Click the link above for more information.