Incorporated in 1983, Soundown’s original customers were New England boat builders seeking to build higher quality – therefore quiet – yachts. With Soundown’s original line of sound insulation blankets, hand fabricated to customer order, company founder Joseph Smullin helped guide customers through engineered solutions. Before long Soundown earned a reputation as a ‘solutions’ company for noise and vibration problems.

Since then, our range of customers has expanded. Currently our business ranges from individuals looking to quiet their own boat, to custom builders of all size yachts, as well as production boat builders and manufacturers of engines and other machinery. The scale of projects range from large cruise ships to small music rooms in a home.

The Soundown product line has expanded beyond the insulation blankets to include all major sources of noise in boats. Our manufacturing processes have undergone continued evolution and upgrade to meet the volume and cost efficiencies required to be the leader in our industry. These automated assembly techniques allow for high-speed lamination of four-layered composites. Material selections have grown to include a variety of base products that provide noise control effectiveness, longevity, reductions in weight, fire safety, and ease of handling and installation.

Our engineering expertise and experience in the field of noise and vibration control for the marine industry has grown beyond compare. Throughout the years, Soundown engineers and staff have made numerous educational presentations regarding noise reduction at trade gatherings, and our opinion and knowledge of noise control engineering is widely sought and respected.

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