Soundown Vibration Damping Sheets and Tiles are a high performance, easily applied, extensional vibration dampers for reducing structural reverberant "ringing" and structureborne noise. This material is effective on a wide range of substrates, especially fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Soundown Damping Sheets are available in 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" at 54" width, and in 1'x 1' tiles in 3/8" and 1/2". We also stock a complete line of interlayer damping materials for many applications. For the technical specification, click here.

Soundown Vibration Isolation Pads are based on the Sylomer product line which is a recognized “standard” in the marine industry. This load bearing, foamed urethane product is extremely effective in reducing structureborne noise and vibration in finished surfaces, such as floors and joiner panels. Sylomer has a variety of other uses in a range of industries such as railroads, construction, machine manufacturing, and isolation of delicate instrumentation. Soundown provides this material in six different densities and thickness, up to 2" and in any possible fabricated configuration.

Soundown’s Eco Damp is a pressure-sensitive, constrained-layer damper, which has excellent adhesion to many substrates such as oily cold rolled steel, E-coat, primers and topcoats. It also bonds to many plastics including polypropylene. The aluminum foil constraining layer and specially formulated viscoelastic polymer layer combine to give effective vibration damping over a wide temperature range. It is available in various thicknesses and can have different gauge foil faxe sheets. It is provided in rectangular sheets and can be die-cut for special configurations. Soundown applications specialists are available to help tailor an Eco Damp part for your specific needs.

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Soundown’s DC-3 Damping Compound is a viscoelastic, sprayable liquid sound damper. It has been found to be highly effective in reducing vibrational resonance conditions in structures such as passenger rail cars, elevator cabs, marine passenger and cargo vessels, stainless steel sinks
and other plumbing fixtures, sheet metal panels, floor housings, and a multitude of other applications. DC-3 dissipates structure-borne vibrational energy and reduces radiated air-borne noise.

DC-3 is resistant to water and a variety of solvents, acids and corrosive gasses. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, almost odorless and exhibits exceptional aging characteristics.

Water based and non-toxic, DC-3 offers an efficient and effective alternative to solvent-based sprayable damping products, as well as sheet applied damping materials. DC-3 can be sprayed or toweled directly from the drum without thinning. After application, DC-3 cleans up with water.

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Soundown’s ATA-30 Adhesive and Grout is a two component, high tack strength, epoxy adhesive specifically developed for the installation of vibration damping materials such as MLD-2 Tiles, RA, Saper, Isoper, PVC and other. Clamping or shoring is generally eliminated as ATA-30 Adhesive will support in excess of 25 kg/sq.m. (5 lbs./sq.ft.) on overhead and vertical surfaces while curing takes place. ATA-30 is excellent for grouting between damping tile sheets and for forming fillets at welds or seams. ATA-30 is nontoxic and contains no solvents. Fumes and odors of mixed ATA-30 are negligible thus facilitating usage in confined areas. Resistance to fresh water, salt water, crude and refined oils, gasoline, jet fuel, etc., is excellent.

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