SOUNDOWN offers a full line of seals and gaskets of high quality workmanship and materials. These extrusions are closed cell foam rubber sponge and are available in EPDM and neoprene rubber. For marine applications, neoprene is the material of choice as it is resistant to water and fuels.



Why gaskets? In the average boat, we find that leakage around hatches and engine boxes contributes up to 5 decibels-A (dBA) of unwanted noise. In these cases the full potential of the insulation is not realized. Where we might expect a 10 to 14 dBA reduction of transmitted airborne noise (10 dBA 50% reduction), only 5 to 9 decibels might be achieved. Our gaskets are used to obtain a tight acoustic seal by filling any gaps or voids between mating shear or compression surfaces, thus obtaining a more effective noise control program. They are extruded from crush resistant foams which will maintain resilience and resist compression set, guaranteeing a long effective service life.





Although most of the profiles are available with pressure sensitive adhesive, experience has shown that the best method of bonding is to use our aggressive tack brush-on adhesive. This material will ensure a durable long lasting installation.




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