SYLOMER Vibration Isolation Pads



SOUNDOWN'S SYLOMER isolation foam urethane products were first introduced into marine yacht construction by our engineering affiliate J&A Enterprises, in 1983 on the mega yacht SHERGAR. Since that time this material has become "the standard" for vibration isolation pads used in isolation of finish surfaces in yacht interiors, worldwide.



Sylomer foams are most often used for elastic support of cabin soles, effectively isolating structureborne noise from engines, gears, propellers, and water impact. They also isolate footfall noise transmission from hard floored main deck spaces (galley) to cabins below.

Sylomer foams, when bonded to wooden firring strips, provide an excellent isolated support for bulkhead and hull side linings when the highest noise reduction is required.

The standard grades of Sylomer used in these applications are the soft "R-12" which is grey in color, and the slightly stiffer "L-12" which is green. Cabin soles are normally supported with the "L-12" material using a coverage of about 10% (i.e. 2" strips on 20" centers).

Bulkhead and side lining panels are usually supported on the "R-12" material at a coverage of 5 to 15%.