Exhaust Silencers
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Soundown's proprietary design WaterDrop tm silencer offers diesel exhaust super silencing, 10 to 20 decibels quieter than conventional systems with minimal increase in back pressure.

The principal of the silencer relies on using the engine cooling water to enhance silencing effect, after which the water is separated from the exhaust gas and silently (without water splash) discharged below the water line.

The de-watered and silenced exhaust can be piped as desired with very little increase of back pressure due to the low velocities of the cooled gas.

The noise levels of the generator exhaust with this system are usually in the range of quiet ventilation blowers. Propulsion engine exhaust is normally brought down to the ambient noise of the stern wash.

Applications include diesel generator and propulsion exhaust systems. Power range of existing applications of the Waterdrop silencers is:

Generators: 8 to 400 kW,

Propulsion:    12 to 2,000 hp.

Generator Applications

Silencing generators with Waterdrop silencers, in the most common and effective installation, is done in series with and downstream of a standard marine waterlift silencer (see "Generator Waterdrop Application drawing) . The noise level in such applications is in the range of 20 dB quieter than a standard wet exhaust application. In applications using the Waterdrop directly downstream of the water injector (without the primary water-lift) the silencer is 10 dB quieter than for conventional wet exhaust system.

Propulsion Applications

Typical propulsion engine applications use the Waterdrop as a single stage silencer, installed downstream of the point of water injection to the exhaust line. In such applications, the noise is reduced approximately 10 dB more than for a coriventional silencer of the same dimensions.



These standard Waterdrop sizes are available:


Size Normal Power Range
A 10" x 12" up to15kw
B 12" x 17" up to 30kw
C 14" x 23" up to 60kw
D 17" x 31" up to 150kw


A 10" x 12" up to 30 hp
B 12" x 17" up to 60 hp
C 14" x 23" up to 250 hp
D 17" x 31" up to 400 hp
E 19" x 33" up to 600 hp
F 22" x 33" up to 800 hp
G 32" x 48" up to 1,500 hp
H 37" x 54" up to 2,000 hp


Larger sizes and custom shapes are also available


Construction Materials

Srandard construction is G.R.P. using fire retardant vinyl ester resin.

Custom fabrication in metal.

Propulsion Waterdrop