Soundown's acoustic carpet underlayment is a soft vinyl/foam material that fits directly under the carpeting to replace regular carpet padding. The standard material consists of a 1 lb/ft² vinyl barrier layer extruded onto a ½" of opened celled acoustic foam. In combination with the carpet used, it creates an effective barrier against noise radiating through the floor from the noise source.(machinery, engine, etc.)

In applications where there will be a great deal of moisture present, the use of a closed cell foam may be required. Although acoustically it is not recommended, it will be more resistant to moisture, and still have some barrier effect against the noise source.

Installation: Install with vinyl barrier facing up. Can be secured with carpet tape or glued to carpet.
(Special vinyl adhesive required-call Soundown)

Vinyl weight: ½ lb/ft² and 1 lb/ft²

Thickness: ¼" and ½"

Option: Fabric reinforced, closed cell foam

Sizes avail.: 4½' wide and is sold by the linear foot.