Polyimide Acoustic Foam

Soundown LCF Polyimide Foam is an engineered flexible foam insulation for acoustical and thermal applications. The extreme lightweight and highly fire resistant nature of Polyimide foam makes it ideal for a range of applications. As a flexible foam product, Soundown LCF can be installed far more easily than fibrous board alternatives such as fiberglass and mineral wool.

Polyimide foam is extremely light, with a density of 0.38lbs. per cubic foot as opposed to other traditional insulation materials that range from 1.5lbs. to as much as 8lbs. per cubic foot. The resulting weight savings is important for high speed naval and yacht applications as it can reduce weight by a factor of better than 20 times when compared to 8lbs. mineral wool. Soundown LCF should be considered as an important component of any weight savings programs designed to increase range or speed.

For displacement and semi-displacement vessels, the weight savings offered by Soundown LCF can assist in maintaining a shallow draft or improve stability through weight reduction on upper decks.

The high fire resistance of LCF makes it acceptable for use in many applications where other foam insulations are disallowed. Polyimide omits virtually no smoke or incapacitating toxic byproducts when exposed to open flame. These low smoke and flame characteristics make Soundown LCF an applicable substitute in a number of applications where only fibrous insulation would otherwise be used.

Mil, Lloyds & MCA approvals
Proven Durability
Easily Installed
Superior Fire Resistance
Outstanding Thermal & Acoustic Inslation Values


Polyimide is cost effective to handle and readily adapts to fabrication with other materials.

Soundown LCF foam meets the requirements of DOD-1-24688, Lloyd's High Speed Craft (as a fire resisting material) and has been accepted by MCA as not readily ignitable. Fire rating of faced and fabricated LCF products vary and are tailored to specific applications. Our knowledgeable staff can help recommend the best configuration depending on your acoustic, thermal and class approval needs.


Foam Material
The Material Barrier Septum Construction Barrier Surface Density
The standard material comes in 2'X4' boards. Standard thicknesses are 1/2"; 1";1.5" and 2" although custom thicknesses are available to meet acoustical design specifications.
Polyimide foam is also offered as a composite insulation material utilizing a mass-loaded vinyl barrier (Tuff-Mass) or lead Septum to increase its sound transmission properties.

0.5 lb/sf (2.4 kg/m2)
1.0 lb/sf (4.8 kg/m2)
1.5 lb/sf (7.3 kg/m2)
2.0 lb/sf (9.7 kg/m2)


Typical Physical Properties, unfaced


Typical Acoustic Properties, unfaced


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