1) Pre cut MDI and metal cover plates

a) cover plate thickness should be at least 25% of the thickness of the base structure.

b) Coverage of the base structure should be 50% or more of the total resonant surface.

c) Individual pieces should be cut to fit on flat or simple curved surfaces. Do not attempt to lay damping over weld beads or other surface irregularities, as these will reduce overall bond effectiveness.


2) Adhesive is applied to metal surfaces only. Do not apply glue to MDI!

         Adhesive must dry "tack free" before assembly (10 to 20 minutes).

a) Apply Soundown, MDI adhesive to clean metal surface of base structure.

(i.e. tank top, guider web, etc.) Brush on heavy coat. Drying time is 10 to 20 minutes.

b) When adhesive has dried "tack free", lay black side of MDI on to adhesive. It will bond agressively.

c) Roll or burnish MDI on white release film surface to establish a good bond of MDI and base structure. (Air bubbles may be relieved by puncturing the MDI membrane.)

d) Apply adhesive to clean metal surface of cover plate.

e) Peel white release film from MDI.

f) When adhesive has dried "tack free", lay cover plate on MDI. It will bond agressively.

g) Roll or burnish cover plate to establish a good bond.

Remember the performance of Soundown MDI, and any vibration damping shear or extensional layer, is only as good as the bonding of the components!