Conical Marine Mounts

The range of conical marine mountings were designed specially with medium speed engines in mind. The conical design provides high deflection and load capacity combined with long service life.

Although originally designed for main engine, auxiliary engine and generator installations, the mountings are particularly versatile and can be equally used for exhaust gasboilers and silencers. For applications like the suspension of deckhouses, accommodation rooms and control cabins, this mounting is an excellent isolator against structure borne vibration and noise, passive isolation.

The acoustic properties of this type of mounting are excellent. The result of the measured structure - borne vibration and noise transmission are available. In both vertical and horizontal directions the transfer functions show in the low frequency range a decrease of 12 dB/octave, an 'ideal mass-less spring characteristics'.

The characteristics of the mounting are provided by a conical rubber element designed to carry the vertical load in a combination of compression and shear.

The rubber elements for the mountings are produced in several types. Type RD 113, 114,214 and 314 are produced with extra interleaf rings and type RD 115, 215 and 315 without extra intei1eaf ring.

The types RD 244 and 344 are produced with extra intei1eaf ring and opposite recesses to enable different stiffnesses in three directions.

The rubber elements are manufactured in six 'standard' rubber mixes: 45NRll, 50NR11, 55NR11, 60NRll, 65NR11 , 70NRll and consequently cover a wide range of load / deflection requirements. Applicable up to 70°C continuous and 90°C peak temperatures.

Next to that, for the high temperatures applications, there are the NR39 (90°C continuous and 11 DoC peak temperature) and the CR56 (11 DoC continuous and 130°C peak temperature) compounds, available in the above-mentioned Shore hardnesses.

The load / deflection characteristics of the NR11 rubber mixes are shown on the selection chart page.

All mounting inserts are both individual tested and selected on stiffness by Rubber Design.

The mounting castings are manufactured in a seawater resisting aluminum-silicon alloy and / or nodular cast iron. They are designed to protect the rubber element against oil and physical damage.

An adjustable central buffer (spindle), manufactured in high tensile steel, controls the mounted equipment displacements due to e.g. shipmovements, both vertically and horizontally within defined limits and so eliminates the need for separate buffers. The cut out in the bottom casting allows the buffer adjustment to be checked.

The standard execution of the RD 113 in nodular cast iron can withstand shock loads up to 360 kN in all directions.

The standard execution of the RD 114 - 115 in nodular cast iron can withstand shock loads upto 300 kN in all directions.

The standard aluminum execution of the RD 214 - 215 - 244 mountings can withstand shock-loads upto150 kN in all directions. On application we can supply a special non-magnetic type manufactured in inoxyda, adjustable in axial and radial direction and suitable for shockloads upto 300 kN.

The aluminum execution of the RD 314 - 315 - 344 can withstand shockloads up to 70 kN in all directions.

The mountings and our calculation method have been approved on many applications by the following classification societies:

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • Class NK
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Korean Register of Shipping
  • Registro Italiano Navale
  • Russian Register of Shipping

When you click on any of the numbers listed below, you will get the dimensional drawings as well as conponent part drawings and vertical loads (where available).

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