Soundown Engine Isolation Mounts are used for the reduction of structureborne noise from propulsion engines. We provide mountings of all types, for installations up to 6000 hp. Soundown Flexible Engine Mounts are high performance adjustable isolators for both thrust taking and non-thrust applications. This range of mounts is available in various configurations, all with heavy-duty features, including some types available in steel, cast iron, or aluminum constructions. Our mounts are available with or without height adjustment, and are specified for each unique application to deliver the best isolation performance possible.

Thrust & Torque Taking Applications
Conical Marine Mounts
Non-Thrust Taking Marine Mounts

Soundown Equipment Mounts cover a wide range of applications. Ring/Bushing Mounts are a versatile, highly effective mounting system for the isolation of auxiliary equipment vibration noise. They are available in four sizes ranging in capacity from 12 - 350 pounds. Each size is available in four variables of stiffness, enabling precise selection of the correct isolator for every specific application. Other equipment mounts include specially designed elastic exhaust hangers, many sizes and styles of metal bonded rubber isolators and steel spring seismic mountings. The range of capacity is 150-6000 lbs.

Conical Marine Mounts
Non-Thrust Taking Marine Mount
Ring Bushings
BRB Mounts (Types 50, 60,80, and 110)
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