Soundown's Tuff-Mass-UL acoustic barrier is a specially developed flexible mass layer product designed to reduce air and structureborne noise transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings. Tuff-Mass-UL is available in rolls that come in various weights and sizes to accommodate your acoustical needs. With STC ratings up to 32, Tuff-Mass-UL is ideal for use in hotels, homes, home theaters, classrooms, and any area where reduction of noise transmission is required.


  • Easy to use and install. A low cost solution for noise transmission problems.
  • Available in 1/2 lb. to 2 lbs. per square foot*.
  • UL approved for U300, U400, V400, L500
  • Ideal for installation on wood or metal framing

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  • Home Theaters
  • New Construction
  • Hotels
  • Music Studios
  • Homes, Condos, and Apartments
  • Medical Facilities
  • Classrooms


Effective in new or existing construction.

Acoustic Fill in between studs of privacy wall.

Easily installed by a small crew without need for specialty tools.

A good acoustic material must be manufactured to be easily installed into a wide range of applications as well as an effective sound barrier. Soundown Tuffmass comes in a range of roll sizes with the standard being a 4.5' X 25' roll. These rolls of Tuffmass are easily handled on a job site and can be installed without the need for specialty tools.

Soundown Tuffmass is UL listed for use in a wide range of wall and ceiling constructions. As a material that is listed for use in U300, U400, V400, L500 Tuffmass should be your first choice for a safe, easy to use and, most importantly, quiet material.

Soundown staff is available to help integrate Tuffmass and other products for the quietest results in your construction.



Transmission Loss
*Soundown Tuff-Mass is available in 0.5 lb/sqft, 1 lb/sqft and 2 lb/sqft. The UL rating applies to 1 lb. Tuff-Mass-UL. Tuff-Mass-UL is listed under file #R24047 and Tuff-Mass-UL must be specified at time of order.
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