Soundown Acoustic Quilted Baffle (AQB) Fiberglass line of Overhead Baffles and Wall Mounted Sound Absorption Panels features a durable vinyl-coated fiberglass-cloth facing quilted to one-inch or two-inch thick fibergtalss. These Class A Flammability Rated baffles offer high NRC ratings, are available in a number of colors and stitch patterns and can be custom fabricated to any size required.

Soundown "AQB" Baffles are also available with either a decorative fabric or a nylon rip-stop facing. These attractive sound absorbers offer a wide range of colorful options which can be custom tailored for any commercial application.



  • Durable Quilted Fiberglass style
  • Economic Polywrapped style
  • FDA approved Sanitary Baffle style
  • Introduce soft, sound absorption materials into hard reflective environments
  • Effective, economic method of reducing reverberation
  • Ambient noise reduction up to 10 decibels
  • For industrial plants, warehouses, food processing facilities, gymnasiums, commercial and architectural applications


  • Light weight and self-supporting with no sharp corners
  • May be installed by in-house personnel
  • Easily relocated to other areas
  • Optional white color reflects light to working areas and increases ambient lighting
  • Requires no maintenance, but can be washed or steam cleaned for hygienic or aesthetic reasons
  • Can be custom tailored for specific applications
  • Class A Flammability Ratings per ASTME-84
Physical Properties:
Gray, tan, white or black are standard vinyl-coated fiberglass-cloth facings. Continuous service temp.: 20ºF to 180ºF
Meets Class A Flammability Rating (ASTM E-84) Decorative fabric and nylon rip-stop facings available in over 60 colors
Flame Spread: 17.66 Quilted diamond patterns or straight-stitch patterns available
Smoke Density: 22.75 Customer sizes available
Brass grommets installed for hanging
Acoustical Data:
Quilted Fiberglass Styles,
  AQB-1 Baffles: 2' X 4' X 1" thick (nom.)
  AQB-2 Baffles: 2' X 4' X 2" thick (nom.)


AQB Baffles 2' X 4' with (2) grommets shown in diamond and straight-stitch patterns

In addition to reducing reverberating noise, the durable, chemical resistant and water-tight construction of Sanitary Baffles makes them suitable in difficult environments such as this swimming pool.
More than 600 Polywrapped Ceiling Baffles reduced overall noise levels by 8 dB(A) in this wood working facility.
Clearer and easier communication was achieved in this manufacturing plant with AQB-2 overhead acoustic baffles and wall mounted absorption panels shown with optional straight stitch pattern.
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